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Find a trade in Flow Client


Question / Problem: 

How to find a trade in Flow Client ?

Answer / Solution: 

Flow client is the underlying core component of OC for message flow.  It is quite useful tool to troubleshoot issues in OC.

1.      Below are steps if you need to find the same in Flow client.

a.      To find the trade in Message flow client , Open the Message Flow client from desktop shortcut.

b.      Click on Queue -> Message summary

c.      Click on the grey area of comment header. A pop up window will open where you can enter the reference num in TRN field and click OK.



d.      If the message is successfully imported, you will find it in Search result.

e.      If the search doesn’t result anything, please filter for *failed message and check the TREFS in comment description.





Applies to:  

Product Version
Flow/ OC ALL versions



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