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Amend a trade that is mismatched on PSET field

Question / Problem: 

How to amend a trade that is mismatched on PSET field

Answer / Solution: 

To Amend the trade , follow below steps:

1. Hover on the green arrow of the trade -> View Component -> Click on Options -> Amend.

2. Click on 'Settlement Instruction' Tab

3.  You will see a dropdown list where you can select either ALRT or MANI settlement type.

a.   For ALRT (alert) - you will need to select the correct four ALERT keys for the PSET you want.



b.   For MANI (manual) - scroll towards the bottom, find the Place of Settlement, and type in the BIC.




4. Click on Options-> Submit to submit the trade.


Applies to:  

Product Version
OC 5.x+



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