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Imp_blim being rejected

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Imp_blim or imp_ccm_bl message is not being imported into Optitrade system. Import_resutls show REJECTED



There could be multiple reasons why an imp_blim will be rejected in Optitrade Confirm. Open the message system client and look for the failed message. Sometimes the failed reason could provide more details. Possible reasons are :- 

  1. Verify if the BIC is setup in Party management table.
  2. Incorrect format of imp_blim
  3. Incorrect Data - Certain fields need to be in a certain format or length e.g. Cash Amount is 17d. If the format doesn't match the requirements, the imp_blim message will get rejected.
  4. Routing not defined - if the system doesn't have a clear routing path, the message will be rejected. Routing is based on the flow of the IM BIC. If IM BIC has 2 flows selected, the Broker flow is taken into consideration. If Broker also has 2 flows selected, the message is rejected. Ensure either IM or Broker BIC has only one Flow checked in Party Management.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Optitrade Confirm 5.6+      


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