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Adding validations to the rules tab in extraction services

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Customer is attempting to enable certain rules (validations) under Extraction > Document Type, but rules are missing.  How can additional validation rules be added so they can be enabled?



Validation rules must be enabled at Partner level, under the Validation Service, before they can be passed down to the Extraction Service at Customer level.



  • Login using a Partner Admin account with sufficient rights to add/modify Services
  • Expand Account > Services > Validation
  • Enable the desired validation rules at Partner level
    NOTE: Enabling a validation rule on partner level will automatically activate the rule for all customers and all document types where the rule exists
  • Save the changes
  • Drill down to the Customer level
  • Expand Account > Services > Extraction
  • Select the Rules tab
  • Make sure the newly enabled validation rule is activated on the desired document type


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Article # 3034531
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