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Request for new fields in AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online)

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Values on the documents needs to be captured but no matching field exist in the document type. Adding a custom field is not applicable so additional standard field(s) needs to be added on the extraction document type. 



When there is a need of adding additional fields there are some information required prior to decide if the demand shall be accepted:

  • Some background information on why this field is needed and the value of it
    • Any reason why a custom field cannot be used
  • The country profile/document type the field should be added to
  • Name of the new field (in local language)
  • Format(s) that the captured value will have (numbers/letters only, a combination, space, etc.)
  • Search titles that will help the system to find the correct value on different invoices (in local language)
  • Invoice examples where the field can be found

When this information has been sent to Kofax support the decision will be made on whether this field should be added or not.


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Adding custom fields to a document type


Article # 3022597
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