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AP Essentials Connect version info

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Why does AP Essentials Connect sometimes show different version numbers ?



The AP Essentials Connect program is logically broken down into two separate parts:

  • Installation Files (executables)
  • Business Logic

APS Connect - Installed Version vs Business Logic version

The version number of the executables can be found in Windows, under Control Panel > Programs and Features. These are the files installed by Administrator and are installed into C:\Program Files (x86)\ReadSoft Software Services AB\ReadSoft Online Connect (by default) and not automatically modified afterwards.

The version displayed in the AP Essentials GUI is the version of the "business logic", which is automatically updated from the AP Essentials website.  These files are automatically updated and put into C:\ProgramData\ReadSoft Software Services AB\ReadSoftOnlineConnect.

Auto-update functionality:
Connect performs heartbeat logging every 15 minutes and the version number of the business logic is included. If a newer version of the business logic is available, its automatically downloaded and installed.  **Please note: this does not update the version of the installation files, only the business logic.

Support for TLS 1.2:
The business logic version visible in the UI is the same for both older and newer installations of AP Essentials Connect, so the only way to assess if a customer is running an older or newer version of Connect is by looking at the version of the installation files in the Windows Control Panel, under Programs and Features. 

  • Installed versions of AP Essentials Connect less than version 10.4.7451 are not TLS 1.2 compatible, even if the business logic has been updated to the most current version.  Please refer to the "Upgrading AP Essentials Connect to support TLS 1.2" KB article referenced below for detailed information on upgrading.
  • Installed versions of AP Essentials Connect greater than or equal to version 10.4.7451 require version 4.8 of the Microsoft .NET Framework, and are TLS 1.2 compatible.


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What's New (December 6 2021)

Upgrading AP Essentials Connect to support TLS 1.2

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Article # 3042900
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