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Privileges required to reroute documents

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The button to assign a document to another user (Reroute) is missing.  What settings and/or privileges are required to reroute documents in Office (Verify)?

Reroute Approval Documents



In order for the Reroute button to be displayed for a User in Office, the following must be true:

  • The user must have the "Reroute Approval documents" privilege
  • Document must currently be in a Workflow
  • Document must currently be in "Document Approval in Progress" status (cannot be in "Request for Information" status)
  • The current Workflow step for the document is assigned to UserA for Approval.  UserA cannot reroute a document currently assigned to UserB unless they also have the "Access MANAGE" privilege. 

**Please note:  An Admin with "View Documents" & "Process Documents" privileges can also login and open the document in Office, and reroute to another user
Admin-Process Documents


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Article # 3029358
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