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Purchase order number extraction

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The order number field (customer purchase order number) has functionality to provide additional flexibility and automation.


Order number field format

Field format and field position of the [purchase] order number are stored in customer KP database. When no KP data exist for a supplier, there is a field format generated by the system from previously processed documents (all suppliers) saved on customer level or buyer level (depending on which level master data is stored). The generated field format helps the system search the document and suggest an order number matching the format.

If KP data exist but no order number can be found in the presumed position, the system will try to find a matching value by using the format from previously processed invoices.


Partial capture of order number

Operators can train the system to only capture partial characters/digits of the order number. Either the initial part or the trailing part of an order number. However, it cannot capture the middle part of an order number.

Example 1: The system can be trained to extract “123456” from a document in which the order number is printed as “PO123456”.

Example 2: The system can be trained to capture “123456” from a document in which the order number is printed as “123456-1”.


Order number validation

A validation is performed to compare the captured order number to the order number format of the latest verified documents for the specific supplier.

If the format and the number series match previous values the field will successfully validate. If the value differs, a validation warning is generated.


Incorrectly captured and verified order numbers

Incorrectly captured and verified order numbers will affect subsequent capture of order numbers until a correct order number format is verified (for the specific supplier).


Cloning order number to line items

When order number is not present on line item level the order number on document header is automatically copied to the line order number field for all lines.  


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Information about Supplier identification and field extraction




Article # 3021259
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