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Supplier identification

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Supplier identification

For supplier identification there are two main processes

  • Supplier master data
  • Knowledge Processing (KP)


First time recognition

For a new customer, or if a document is received from a previously unknown supplier, the supplier name will be identified based on supplier master data, provided that the uploaded master data consists of at least one field in addition to supplier name and supplier number.

The supplier name, supplier address and supplier bank details etc. found on the document are compared to the details in supplier master data. Every hit gives a score, and the supplier with the highest score is suggested.

Since this is only a suggestion, the supplier name field will be flagged as uncertain, for the Office user to act on. 

As soon as the document is verified, the data is stored in the customer KP database.


Knowledge Processing (KP)

The method we use for supplier identification is called Knowledge Processing (KP), which is a customer specific database and consists of data from previously verified documents. When a document is received all OCR data on the document is extracted and compared to everything the user verified on previous documents. Every word match gets a score, and the supplier with the highest score is selected by the system.

In order for the system to be confident enough that the selected supplier is the correct one, and set supplier field status to complete/green, at least one of the following supplier master data fields needs to be found on the invoice.

  • Supplier name
  • Street
  • Organization number
  • Tax registration number
  • Telephone number
  • Bank account(s)


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Article # 3021250
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