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Supplier master data for Process Director

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How is master data exported from SAP/Process Director and subsequently imported into AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online)?



The program /COCKPIT/MD_EXPORT is used to export Master Data from Process Director as XML files. The output of the program is intended for subsequent import into ReadSoft INVOICES or AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online). 

Save the XML file somewhere easily accessible on the server so it can be imported when your background job is run.

pdap MD export 01.jpg

Make sure the correct Corporate Group ID is set. Corporate Group ID should match the Buyer External ID in AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online).  If the Fill Corporate Group ID from Company Code option is selected, it can also be used with AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) Connect.  The Settings for AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) Connect (ROC) are available in the AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) help file.  

pdap MD export 02.jpg

The following files are created.
• Buyer.xml
• Supplier.xml
• SupplierBank.xml

**Please note: the Process Director Accounts Payable Target System integration does not support Supplier banks and Buyers:

As for the suppliers, the Supplier master-data file setting in the target system file name must match the name of the file coming out of PDAP.

supplier matser data to pdap.png

**Please also note:  The Supplier Master Data file names must match exactly.  If a file named Suppliers.XML (with an extra "s") or SupplierMMDDYYYY.XML, etc. is placed into the Import folder configured above, then AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) Connect will not import this Master Data file into AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online).


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Article # 3024175
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