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Upgrading AP Essentials Connect to support TLS 1.2

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What is the process for upgrading AP Essentials Connect to support TLS 1.2?  



Checking the existing version:

If the currently installed version of AP Essentials Connect is at least 10.4.7451 (released in December 2021), then the software itself is TLS 1.2 compatible. Please refer to the Additional Considerations section below for additional configurations to check.

All installations of AP Essentials Connect prior to version 10.4.7451 will require a manual update to gain support for TLS 1.2.  Microsoft's .NET FrameWork 4.8 is also required to install the new version of APS Connect.

 **Important note:  The version displayed within the AP Essentials Connect GUI is the current version of the Business Logic which has been automatically downloaded from our website.  This is not the version of the installation files.  The version of the installation files must be obtained from the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features.

APS Connect Installed Version

For additional information regarding the Business Logic portion of AP Essentials Connect versus the Installation Files, please refer to the AP Essentials Connect version info KB article referenced below.

Performing the upgrade:

Partners and Customers should perform these steps:

  • Download the latest version of AP Essentials Connect.  Please refer to the System Requirements article referenced below for a list of regional download links.
  • Start the AP Essentials Connect installation (removal of the old version is not necessary)
  • If a message is displayed stating the Microsoft .NET Framework needs to be updated, please download and install Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.8.  Please note: some customers have reported they needed to reinstall .Net 4.8 due to previously incomplete or corrupted installations.  After upgrading the .NET Framework, restart the AP Essentials Connect installation

APS Connect - MS Net 4-8 required.png

  • After the installation has been completed, open the software and step through each of the configuration screens by clicking the Next button, just to confirm all the existing configurations have been retained.

Additional Considerations:

Even with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and the most current version of AP Essentials Connect installed, it's still possible any .Net application could potentially negotiate outbound connections using TLS 1.x.  This is due to configurations within the Windows Operating System, which allow .Net applications to negotiate the use of legacy cryptographic libraries which don't provide support for TLS 1.2. 

However, these O/S configurations can be easily adjusted to force .Net applications to use stronger TLS 1.2 compatible cryptographic libraries.  Please refer to the "Login Failed error during configuration of AP Essentials Connect" KB article referenced below for a list of these configurations and how to adjust them.

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AP Essentials Connect System requirements

AP Essentials Connect version info

Login Failed error during configuration of AP Essentials Connect



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