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All line items not extracted

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Line item fields, rows and/or columns are not extracted. 



  • Incorrect buyer and/or supplier record has been identified. 
  • Line item table layout differs too much between documents from the supplier. 
  • Document header fields are captured as part of the line item table.
  • Column or cells vary in position and/or size within the line item table. 
  • Received document is of poor quality, low resolution, inconsistent size (compared to previous document) or not a supported document type.



Line item tables are extracted by using Draw (wizard) in Office. If all lines are not extracted the first time Draw is used, use Draw (wizard) again on the first missing line, until all lines are included. 

Based on the user input the system will attempt to extract line items from the next document (from the supplier).  


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AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) Current      



Line Item table not extracted

Troubleshooting classification and extraction services

Article # 3035600
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