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Emails are not received into AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online)

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Emails sent into AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) are delayed or presumed missing.



The most common causes are:

1. Temporary server outage or high server load on the server causing emails to be delayed.

2. Temporary server outage or high server load at the customer's email provider.

3. Email was sent to an incorrect email address.

4. Email was rejected or resulted in Input Failed, due to a malformed email or no valid attachments found.



Recommended troubleshooting steps:

1. Confirm the email address is valid (Services > Email Input) and/or make any necessary corrections to the appropriate email address.

2. Check the AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) status page for any known outages.  

3. Check for Input Failed batches under Explore > Documents > Batches (see reference below).

4. Confirm that notifications have been properly configured for Discarded and/or Input Failed emails (see reference below).

5. After confirming there are no issues with 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the documents still haven't appeared after a few hours, contact AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) support.


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Article # 3039431
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