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Numeric and alphabetic characters mixed up

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Alphabetic characters are interpreted as numbers and/or numeric characters are interpreted as letters in certain "text" fields.



Certain field names in AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) imply the system expects to capture specific type of values.  For example: 

  • For fields like Payment Reference Number, Store Number, Contract Number, LIT_RowIdentifier (Order line number) the system has an internal field format which looks for numeric values.  **Please note:  Invoice Number is a special case, and this specific field does allow for uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.
  • For fields like Buyer Contact Person Name the system has an internal field format which looks for alphabetic values.

Even though the system expects to see a specific type of value, it never automatically removes any letters or numbers in Text fields. However, this may cause the characters to be changed if the field format does not accept the character (S -> 5, B -> 8, I -> 1, and vice versa).

Special characters and spaces will be removed if they are not allowed in the field format.



If the desired action is to capture alpha numeric values, or special characters, then there are a few choices:

  1. Choose another text field within this document type, who's name implies a better match for the captured value.
  2. If BuyerContactPersonName or BuyerContactReference field is used, add a compact format in field settings in Extraction.
  3. Create a custom text field and specify the desired field format using a compact format.


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Article # 3030979
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