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PDF displayed incorrectly during verification

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PDF documents are displayed incorrectly during verification. 

Some examples are:

  1. Text is replaced with dots:

    Text as Dots

  2. Various elements of the original PDF, such as logos, graphics, column borders and even some text are removed, but some text still remains.

    Missing Text.png



  1. The most likely cause for text being replaced with dots is the PDF doesn't have all the necessary fonts included.  These types of PDFs will display properly when opened on specific machines whichhave the replacement fonts installed, but will not display properly on other machines that do not have these fonts installed.
  2. The most likely cause for portions of the document missing is when the PDF contains multiple layers (i.e. one or more graphics layers in addition to one or more text layers).  This type of PDF is not supported by AP Essentials, and users will most likely only see some of the text remaining. 


  1. AP Essentials requires that all fonts must be embedded within the PDF itself.
  2. As a possible work-around users may be able to flatten out all the layers into a single-layered PDF.  Many PDF utilities have the ability to view each of the layers as well as flatten the PDF into a single layer.  Another potential option is to open the PDF and then reprint it using a "Print to PDF" printer to create a brand new PDF.


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Article # 3025432
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