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ReadSoft: How to configure an OnJobLoad application event for Ebydos Invoice Cockpit Connector in INVOICES Manager



Support Article

To use the Ebydos Invoice Cockpit Connector (EICC) with the Invoices Transfer module, the Event Map in the Manager module must first be configured to ensure that no transfer takes place without having the EICC loaded.

To configure a JobLoad application event for the EICC in INVOICES Manager, do the following:

  1. In the Settings menu, click Application events.
  2. In the Transfer tab, click New.
  3. In the Name list, click JobLoad, and then click Code.
  4. In the editor window, type the desired code, and then click OK.

For example:

FUNCTION onjobload ( ) AS long
    '** TODO: Implement your handler here.
    '** the main application object IS available IN the application variable.
    IF Ucase$(application.Getsharedvariable("com.ebydos.cockpit.eicc")) = "installed" then
        onjobload = ev_ok 'RETURN value to invoices
    ELSE msgbox "INVOICE COCKPIT Connector not installed. Transfer aborted."
        onjobload = ev_ok_abort 'RETURN value TO invoices
end function