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ReadSoft: How to avoid file naming conflicts when using multiple scan modules



Support Article

When running two or more scan modules at a time, it is possible that due to the default naming convention used, different scanned images may be identically named. This will cause errors as the system will attempt to store two files with an identical name in the same directory.

In order to avoid this scenario, it is recommended that the PickFileNameFromDatabase setting be enabled when two or more scanning modules are in use. With this setting enabled, scanned invoice images will be named using a unique database counter/ID, and will no longer use the date and time of the scan.

To configure the PickFileNameFromDatabase setting, open the Eiglobal.ini file, and then go to the [Options] section. A value of 1 (one) indicates the setting is enabled. The default value of 0 (zero) indicates the setting is disabled.

The PickFileNameFromDatabase will utilize database locks to ensure that multiple files will not receive the same file name.

For more information on this settings, see PickFileNameFromDatabase in Online Help.

Keywords: scan module, tiff,image name, eilocal.ini