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ReadSoft: How to display internal menus in the INVOICES Manager module



Support Article

By default, there are a few hidden menu options in the shortcut menus (right-click menus) of the INVOICES Manager module. While enabled, users can utilize these options to make quick modifications to fields and other layout functionality.

For example, the Field order option can be utilized to rearrange the order of fields in a profile. To access this option, right-click an invoice profile, and then click Field order. Additionally, Copy is available for use by right-clicking a field profile, and then clicking Copy to duplicate it.

To display these internal menus in INVOICES, set the ShowInternalMenus option to a value of 1 (one) in the [Settings] section of the Eilocal.ini file.

For additional information, please see How to locate the eilocal.ini and eiglobal.ini files used by INVOICES.

Keywords: View, options, personalisation