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2FA - Two-factor Authentication stopped working

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The two-factor authentication stopped working, we can not access the Invoice Portal instance in the authentication application any longer.

The 2FA app for Invoice Portal has disappeared.



The application may reset, the phone used can be lost or for unknown reasons the two factor authentication application may stop working.



Two scenarios described below "two-factor application missing" and "two-factor application temporarily unavailable".

2FA application not working or missing

If the actual authenticator application has disappeared or the mobile phone is lost/broken.

Start by reinstalling the authentication application, any of the listed in this section of the Invoice Portal help

Follow these steps to add the Invoice Portal account to the authenticator app.

  • Log in to Invoice Portal using your username and password.
    Log in - user password.png
  • Since the application providing the temporary two-factor codes is unavailable, select "Cannot get a code to enter".
    Log in - 2FA no code.png
  • When prompted, use one of the recovery codes created the first time the 2FA was installed to restore the account.
    Log in - 2FA recovery code.png
  • Enter a recovery code and press "Verify". Then follow the instructions on the page, e.g. scan the QR code with the authenticator app on your mobile device to create a new account, then enter the code generated by the newly created authenticator account.
    Log in - 2FA barcode.png
  • Store the new recovery codes safely on your computer.
    Log in - 2FA new recovery codes.png
  • Make really sure to store the new recovery codes in a safe place, press "Done" and the two-factor authentication is now restored.
    Log in - 2FA save recovery codes.png
  • Please note that the original recovery codes expire when one of them is used for restoring the account and they are replaced by three new recovery codes. Kofax recommend storing the codes in more than one safe place.


2FA temporarily unavailable

If the authenticator application or mobile phone is temporarily unavailable.

Log in - 2FA no code.png

Retrieve one of the recovery codes you stored when the two-factor application was set up. Please note that each code can only be used once.

Log in - 2FA recovery code.png


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Please read more about two-factor authentication in the Invoice Portal online documentation:


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Article # 3041859
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