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Activation email missing

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I have fulfilled the membership registration process in Invoice Portal but the stated confirmation/activation email has not arrived.


The confirmation email is sent to the email address used during registration.

The email is sent from and the topic is "Verify your email for the Invoice Portal".

Some times this email is sorted to the spam-folder of your email system

This problem can also be caused if the email address used during registration is misspelled.



Please check the spam folder or contact local IT to have them look for the email from

In case there is a suspicion that the email address used is misspelled or otherwise incorrect, please contact Kofax Technical Support via the Kofax Community.


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Invoice Portal Current      


Link to the Kofax Community (Invoice Portal topic).


Upon the completion of the Invoice Portal registration process the following message is displayed:

Just one more thing...
Please check your email inbox for the confirmation email. Click the confirmation link to complete the registration process.

...thank you!


Article # 3041855
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