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Become a member of the Invoice Portal

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In order to be able to send electronic invoices using Invoice Portal you first need to register your company as a member of Invoice Portal. Go to the registration page This is how the registration page looks:  


Mandatory fields are marked with a check mark. When the field is filled in the check mark changes colour. There is a question mark next to some fields, pressing this symbol will bring up an explanation of the field. 

User information 
  • Email address - Add an existing email address (this email address will be the user name)

  • Name - Contact person's name

  • Password - The password need to consist of at least 6 characters

Organization information

When the organization ID is filled in, the rest of the corporate information is populated automatically.  

  • Country – The country in which the organization is registered

  • Organization ID - Swedish organization number for identification of a legal entity.

Use the Invoice Portal


Select what to use the membership for (for instance to send invoices)

Membership level

There are the different levels of membership available. Select the preferred level by selecting the radio button below the list.


Registration code


You may have received a registration code from Kofax or one of our partners, enter it in this field.

Finalize the registration

Terms and conditions for the membership is available in the hyper link ( Study them carefully and when you are satisfied, press "Done".


The membership registration is now done.

After membership registration

When your company is registered an activation email will be sent to the email address used during the registration. In this email there is a link which leads to a membership activation function in Invoice Portal.

When the new member account is activated it is possible to log in using the registered email address and the password you receive.

Read more about Invoice Portal in the online help file:



Article # 3024959
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