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Not able to create an invoice without a VAT/Tax ID

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Not able to create an invoice without a VAT/Tax ID number. The services invoiced are exempt from taxation. How can an invoice be created by individuals with no VAT ID number?



Invoice Portal defaults to the use of VAT/Tax ID numbers, so there will be an error if it is missing.



To send tax exempt invoices without the use of VAT/Tax ID numbers, make changes in the invoice's Payment details and in the Invoice lines.

Payment details

Under the invoices Payment details select/expand +More details, select "None" for both Supplier's and Buyer's VAT/Tax ID, then select the box Tax exempt and write "No tax" (or similar) in the Tax exemption text field.

Note: If the recipient is receiving their invoices via Peppol there will be an additional field for selecting "Tax exemption reason code" where it is possible to select from a list of pre-defined reasons, select the one applicable to your invoice.

Payment details - tax exempt.png

Invoice lines

The Invoice lines must also clearly be set to "no taxation" so make sure to select an applicable Tax category, for instance "Service outside scope of tax"

Invoice lines - tax exempt.png

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