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ReadSoft: How to locate the INVOICES counting period start date and number of invoices processed



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The start date (year and month) of the counting period as well as the total number of invoices processed is stored in the dongle of ReadSoft INVOICES 5.3 SP3 and later. To access this information, go to [drive]:\Program Files\Readsoft\INVOICES\Bin, and double-click Dongleinformation.exe. Doing so will open a program that will return statistical information about the INVOICES installation.

The number of invoices processed can also be accessed by clicking Help on the INVOICES toolbar, clicking About Invoices, and then clicking System info.

Note: If a dongle is swapped, such as when converting from an LPT-port dongle to a USB dongle, the dongle information reported by Dongleinformation.exe will be replaced with new values.

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