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Steps to request a reconfiguration or a temporary license for ReadSoft Process Director

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How to request a reconfiguration or a temporary license for ReadSoft Process Director?


1. Download and Fill a template request

  • For volume reconfiguration. Fill the template "PD Template.xlsx" for requests to move volume from one system to another. The second and third tabs contains instructions how to fill.
  • For system reconfiguration. Fill the template "PD License Exchange Request Template.docx" for requests to only change the SAP Installation ID or SAP System ID of a system.

2. Send your request by email

  • A valid maintenance contract is required to proceed with any request
  • Reconfigurations are subject to fees and are not always possible to execute, depending on the agreement in place
Products this applies to:
  • Process Director Capture (PD Capture)
  • Process Director for Account Payable (PD AP)
  • Process Director for Account Payable & EDI Cockpit Combo
  • Process Director Work Cycle (PD WC)
  • Process Director Collector
  • Process Director EDI Cockpit
  • Process Director Mobile Approval/Email Based Approval
  • Process Director Info Mail for Process Director
  • Process Director Customer Orders (PD SO)
  • Process Director Payment Advices / Account Receivable (PD PA)
  • Process Director Requisitions (PD PO)
  • Process Director Order Confirmation (PD OR)
  • Process Director Delivery Notes (PD DN)
  • Process Director Payment Approvals (PD PR)
  • Process Director Financial Posting (PD FI)
  • Process Director Master Data Management (PD MD)
  • Process Director Generic Archiving (PD YZ)
  • Process Director Invoice Block/Cancel (PD IB)
  • Process Director Custom Process (PD YZ)
  • Process Director Asset Management (PD ASSET)
  • Performance Analytics for Process Director

Last update: July 07, 2021



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