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ReadSoft: How to activate message templates for emailing vendors in PROCESS DIRECTOR Accounts Payable

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PROCESS DIRECTOR Accounts Payable (AP) allows users to send emails directly to vendors regarding specific invoices through the use of message templates.

To activate a message template in PROCESS DIRECTOR AP, do the following:

  1. Go to transaction /COCKPIT/C42.
  2. Create a new entry, and then enter the company code or document type as necessary.
  3. Enter the Message ID of the template being made available for the archive message type.

Note: See the Message templates section of the PROCESS DIRECTOR Accounts Payable Configuration Guide for more information.

  1. Assign a Document type and the file format for the message.
    Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 3.31.46 PM.png
Note-Icon.png Note: Optionally, use an SAP Smart Form ID.

Once complete, emails can be sent out to specified email addresses. To send an email through the /COCKPIT/C1 screen, select a document, and then in the Document menu, click Send message.

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