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ReadSoft: How to change the default GUI layout for SCAN CLIENT

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SCAN CLIENT provides an option to reset the GUI to a standard layout. By default, the standard layout is provided upon the initial installation of SCAN CLIENT; however, this layout can be modified by an organization in order to change the standard layout based on business requirements.

To change the provided default layout for SCAN CLIENT, do the following:

  1. Within SCAN CLIENT, modify the existing layout so that it becomes the desired standard layout, and then close SCAN CLIENT.
  2. Go to the [drive]:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\ReadSoft\ReadSoft SCAN CLIENT folder, and then create a copy of the Layout51.bin file.

Note: Where user is the folder of the user who created the desired standard layout in step 1.

  1. Paste the copy of the Layout51.bin file into the root SCAN CLIENT application folder.
  2. Within the SCAN CLIENT application folder, rename the existing DefaultLayout51.bin file to DefaultLayout51.bin.old.
  3. Within the SCAN CLIENT application folder, rename the newly pasted Layout51.bin file to DefaultLayout51.bin.
  4. For any other SCAN CLIENT users on the workstation, within SCAN CLIENT, click View, and then click Reset viewer in order to reset the existing layout being used to the newly created standard layout.
  5. For SCAN CLIENT users on additional workstations, repeat steps 4 through 7.

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