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ReadSoft: How to enable invoice batching in PROCESSIT

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PROCESSIT's invoice batching feature enables a batch number to be applied to an invoice when it is imported into the Oracle e-business suite. Batch numbering can be configured at the organization level in the PROCESSIT Configuration Manager.

To enable batch numbering, do the following:

  1. In the PROCESSIT Configuration Manager, click Invoice Batch Controls.
  2. Under the Use invoice batch controls setting, select Yes.
  3. In the Batch controls profile option, type a desired name for the batches. This is an optional setting.
Note-Icon.png Note: This is an optional setting. If this value is set to invoice, PROCESSIT will use the transferred batch information to populate the batch name. If this value is set to profile, PROCESSIT will insert the value in Current batch name.

To find the invoice batch in Oracle e-business suite, enable invoice batching in the search profile.

Do the following:

  1. In the Profile System Values settings, edit the System Administrator responsibility profile or the desired responsibility profile. Alternatively, set it for the entire site.
  2. Search for the AP: Use Invoice Batch Controls setting, and then set the value to Yes.

Once these changes are in place, invoices will have to be entered through the Invoice Batches form in Oracle Payables.

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