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ReadSoft: How to synchronize LDAP users in WORK CYCLE

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When the MSADAuthService is used with the WORK CYCLE web application, the MSADAuthService has to be enabled in the file. Once enabled, all LDAP users must be imported into the /COCKPIT/WUM transaction in order for them to be configured as WORK CYCLE users.

If there are frequent changes within the LDAP environment, it will be necessary to synchronize the data.

Do the following:

  1. Go to the /COCKPIT/WI27 transaction, and map the LDAP attributes required to the WORK CYCLE internal field names.
Note-Icon.png Note: If imported values require modification, a function module can be written and specified.
  1. Go to SE38, and then run /COCKPIT/WC_USER_UPDATE to import the user data using the mapping table in /COCKPIT/WI27.
  2. If there is a change with the LDAP users, the synchronization needs to be run again. A scheduled job can be configured to run the synchronization on a regular basis.

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