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ReadSoft: How to update a DOCUMENTS license

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A license expiration warning message appears when a DOCUMENTS license is two weeks away from expiring. The warning will appear when the Administration or Production module in DOCUMENTS is started.

To request a new license, and then upload the new license, do the following:

  1. In the ReadSoft License Utility, click the Update license tab.
  2. Click Save as, and then save the customer to vendor (C2V) file locally.
  3. Email a license update request to with the C2V file attached.
  4. Upon receiving the new license file from ReadSoft, save the new file locally.
  5. Return to the Update license tab in the ReadSoft License Utility, and then click Update license.
    Note-Icon.png Note: If a hardware license is being updated, ensure that the hardware key is connected before continuing.
  6. Browse to the newly downloaded license, and then click OK.
  7. Once completed, the Update activation status will turn green, indicating the update was successful.

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