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How to delete problematic Invoices from an Invoice profile.

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Question / Problem: 

In Invoices I have one or more Invoices that are completely stuck in the system. I cannot delete them, cannot re-route them to another profile. What can I do to remove them from the system without digging into the SQL database directly.

Answer / Solution: 

Sometimes you can have Invoices in the Invoices database that are corrupted and that need to be deleted completely. There is no way of deleting a specific Invoice because of this corruption. There is an option though to remove ALL Invoices from a profile. Follow the steps below to achieve this.

Steps to follow:

  1. Stop the Interpret and Transfer services before you do this. Make sure to process all other Invoices before doing this.
  2. Any Invoices that you want to keep need to be moved to another Profile first. Select these Invoices and re-route them to another Profile temporarily. If you only have one profile, then you should either create a profile for temporary use, or just make sure that all Invoices are processed and transferred so only corrupted Invoices are still in the profile.
  3. Now the only Invoices still connected to this profile should be the one(s) that are corrupted.
  4. Open the menu and click on 'Administration --> Clear database'
  5. Select 'Invoices' under Objects and select 'Connected to single invoices profile:'
  6. Then select the profile that has these corrupted Invoices in it.
  7. Click on 'Clear' and all Invoices connected to this profile will be deleted.
  8. After this action you can re-route the parked Invoices back to this profile.
  9. Restart the Interpret and Transfer services.

    The reason this method will work is that the 'Clear Database' job will not check any specific Invoice, but will clear all invoices from a profile without checking for database corruption. By parking the Invoices you want to keep to another profile, you make sure that you will not lose any Invoice.


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Author:  Henk Veenendaal