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How to move a DOCUMENTS license

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Question / Problem: 

How to move a DOCUMENTS license

Answer / Solution: 

Steps in how to move a DOCUMENTS license

  1. Find out what DOCUMENTS product key is used in the customer environment. Sen this to The Licensing Specialist (Charlotte Stihl, Order Fulfillment & Licensing Specialist)
  2. The customer signs a non-usage agreement for the old product key and send this to The Licensing Specialist.
  3. The Licensing Specialist will create a new product key for the new DOCUMENTS server and a cancellation file for the old product key, and send this to you and the customer.
  4. The new product key is installed on the new server
  5. When the new license work and the old has been uninstalled, you send a c2v file from the old and The Licensing Specialist will checkin that in the system.


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