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  • Every day a few invoices fail in process D4_ACCOUNT_AND_APPROVE and we have noticed that the error mentions ‘closed connection’. Is it possible to check what is going on with these invoices?
  • The problem began after we migrated our Oracle EBS environment from OMCS to OCI.

  • It happens ou various times of the day.

  • It does not happen in non-production.



  • This more than likely has nothing to do with the oci changes to ebs database and more to do with the processit database.


  • Attached is a document which shows settings for updating jta transaction timeouts.
  • This is the best place to start to check.
  • If this doesn't do it or the jta transaction settings are already set, then perhaps there is a limitation to the number of connections against the d4 and orabpel schemas within the processit database.
  • The connections at one point were open but then closed. which is a probable indication of the transaction timeouts as a cause. 
  • Also look at the soa enterprise manager under administration of the oc4j_soa instance.
    • Check the jdbc connections > BPELPM_CONNECTION_POOL.
      • View the attributes and note.
      • The issue is likely either connection pool or the soa database is exceeding the number of allowed connections from the database itself. 


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Article # 3040834
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