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ProcessIT - preventing self-approval

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Question / Problem: 

If I go on vacation and delegate my tasks to a subordinate, how do I prevent that team member from approving their own invoices

Answer / Solution: 

To delegate, you reassign your tasks and all approval limits are carried over to the receiving user. When a delegation rule is in place, the task receiver is approving invoices on behalf of you.
To transfer, the receiver must approve with their own approval limits.

There is a setting in the Configuration Manager under parameter management called D4_SUBMITTER_CAN_APPROVE_Y_N. If set to N, the coder will not be able to approve their own invoices as long as the coder is trying to approve using their own credentials.

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
ProcessIT 7.3.3.x



Author:  Dave Paffett

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