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ReadSoft: How to find batches that are stuck in the Documents system

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When an error occurs this may lead to a batch staying locked and therefore unavailable for further processing by any task. It is then needed to manually unlock the batch.

Sometimes you also need to address the error that got the batch to be locked in the first place. To do so you should start by looking at log files and messages, and from them get an understanding what could be the cause of the error.

To find locked batches:

  1. Open Administration, click the Supervision tab, and then select the affected solution.
  2. Choose Document searches, and then double-click Default. A list of all batches, compound documents, and documents in the solution appears.
  3. Click on the Object column, and then check for locked batches.
  4. When a locked batch is located (information exists in the Locked by column), verify the Lock time column.

Note: Verify the user and computer where the batch was locked. If it has been locked for more than one hour, it is probably safe to unlock. If unsure, review the Locked by column to identify if a user or automated process initially locked the batch.

  1. Right-click on the locked batch, and then click Unlock.

The batch is now free for processing. To investigate the cause of why the object got locked, review the necessary log files:

  1. On the computer where the batch was locked, go to [drive]:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ReadSoft AB\DOCUMENTS\Logs\<computer name and date>.
  2. Review the logs to get an understanding of what the problem was. If there are many log messages, focus first on the logs that are created around the time the batch was locked.

Note: Keep copies of these log files if opening a case with ReadSoft Support.

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