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ReadSoft: How to gather logs and setup files in Documents

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Occasionally it may be necessary to quickly gather logs and setup files in Documents.

To gather this information, go to the Help menu of the Administration and Production modules.

From the Help menu, users will be able create a Support Package that can include the following information:

  • Log files - This will copy all of the log files stored on the clients computer that match the date filter criteria.
  • Registry settings - Only the Documents registry settings will be saved.
  • Configuration files - The entire configuration database will be backed up and saved as DXB file.
  • ?Sample documents - The documents will be saved in a ZIP file. By default, the save location is configured for the Windows Desktop. However, this location can be changed when creating the Support Package.


From the Help menu of the Administration and Production modules, users can create a Support package that includes one or more of the following :

  • Log files - it will take all the log files that are stored on specific client computer in question, created between the dates that you set on the dialog.
  • Registry settings - only takes the ones related to the software.
  • Configuration - this will backup the entire configuration database, resulting in a *.DXB file Sample documents The result will be a ZIP file. You can select where it is to be saved when created (default location is set to the desktop).

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