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Readsoft - How to Debug the Process Director Web Application using t-code /COCKPIT/WC DEBUG

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Question / Problem: 

How to Debug the Process Director Web Application using t-code /COCKPIT/WC_DEBUG

Answer / Solution: 

The following steps detail how to debug the Process Director web application using transaction code /COCKPIT/WC_DEBUG. This process can be used to pinpoint specific issues in the PD web application such as unexpected behavior or error messages. 

Note: Before using this guide, you must identify where exactly you want to break in to the process. Do a where-used from t-code SE37 on function module '/COCKPIT/WC_WEB_DEBUGGING' from t-code SE37 to see all function modules where this call is made. These are the places you can break into the process depending on what action or issue you want to debug.


1. Identify where exactly you want to break in to the process.
2. Login to the PD web application with the user who can trigger the issue or action you need to debug.

3. Ready your example so that your next action in the web app will be the action you want to debug.

4. Create an entry in t-code /cockpit/wc_debug with the function module that allows you to debug your process, the background RFC user, and the usertype.
Note:  The entry used in t-code /cockpit/wc_debug will consist of a function module that itself has a call to function module /COCKPIT/WC_WEB_DEBUGGING. You want the function module you use here to be executed before the code you want to debug is executed.

5. After listing the FM you would like to break into and the user you are logged into the webapp with (including the usertype), activate your /cockpit/wc_debug entry by checking checkbox and clicking save.

6. Perform the action you want to debug in the web app - this should result in the web application looking like it is stuck trying to load, which is exactly what we want here.

7. Open SM50 and break into the relevant /cockpit/* process by choosing Program/session->Program->Debugging from the menu. This process should be listed under the background user.

8. Once the debugger is opened, press F7 on the debugger - the debugger should not jump out of the wc_debugging module.

9. Go to /cockpit/wc_debug and deactivate your activated entry/entries and hit save. At this point the debugger should jump out of the wc debugging module.

10. Wait 10-15 seconds and proceed to the next step.

11. Use shift+F7 to put in a breakpoint for the module you would like to debug.

12. Press F8 to jump to where you placed your breakpoint and debug normally.



Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Process Director Accounts Payable 7.3 and up Troubleshooting



Author:  Jon Driggers