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How to change which fields appear in the ME21N transaction

Steps to change which fields appear in an ME21N transaction.
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Question / Problem: 

How to change which fields appear in the ME21N transaction.

Answer / Solution: 

Within the ME21N transaction, fields can be enabled as required or optional, or they can be deselected so they do not appear. To configure these options, do the following:

  1. Within the SAP Project Reference Object (SPRO) transaction, expand Materials Management, expand Purchasing, expand Purchase Order, and then click Define Screen Layout at Document Level.

    Define Screen Layout at Document Level

  2. Click ME21N, and then select or clear the Reqd.entry and Opt. entry check boxes as desired to display or hide the available fields.

    Pricing date control


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PD AP 7.x  




Article # 3014347