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Tax Rate Calculate exact rate rounding and overflow issues

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Question / Problem: 

There are two issues here:

The first issue is related to the ib_exact_rate parameter.  The setting on this parameter does not have any effect on the calculated rate returned by the FM; it is always the rounded value (to the nearest .5 value).  There is a correction that changes this so that if the parameter is set to true, the rate returned is the exact result of the calculation, without applying the rounding rules.  

The second issue is related to an overflow short dump that occurs if the calculation results in a number larger than 9999.99.  There is a correction that protects against this short dump by setting the rate to 9999.99 in these cases.

Answer / Solution: 

There is a correction (RSEUSN157) for this issue.

Enter How to here:

  1. Contact Kofax support to receive the correction for this issue.

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Process Director Accounts Payable All Troubleshooting
NA SAP Enhancement Package 3.6 Troubleshooting



Author:  Tena L. Dumestre

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