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How to find the license counter in Process Director Accounts Payable

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Question / Problem: 

How do I find the license counter in Process Director to understand how many of my licenses are still available?

Answer / Solution: 

To check how many licenses are still available, please log on to the SAP system where you want to check the volume. Licenses must be queried individually for each SAP system.

Via the transaction /cockpit/1 you will see the selection screen. Here you can set the value to a Maximum number of hits to ten and confirm the entry.

In the new pane, choose Extras in the menu bar and then Info.

In the new popup you have three tabs. The Licenses tab gives you an overview of your used licenses. You can also see your total volume.

On the Licenses tab you can also find license information about your other Process Director products like WorkCycle or EDI.


Applies to:  

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Process Director Accounts Payable All  



Author:  Sven Pane

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