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Process Director Web Application Version

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How to get the Process Director Web Application Version



There are two ways to get the web application version.  Please include the Patch Level when you send the version information to us (indicated by PL in the examples below).

1. Click on the Copyright link at the web application log in screen:


2. Click on the Copyright link at the top of the screen once logged in to the web application:


Version example (7.8 PL 7):



If you do not see the Copyright link, you can also get the version from the web application log file in debug mode.

Version example (7.8 PL 0):

16:40:16.052;;INFO  ;4870F78AA9894891E3C5FD30C60E74F2;Kofax Process Director Version=7.8 Date=2019-11-08 11:24 PL= PL Date=2019-11-08 11:24 GWT Client=2019-11-08_11-24

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How to get web application log file:


Article # 3041058