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ReadSoft: How to configure fields in PROCESS DIRECTOR AP to automatically highlight errors

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PROCESS DIRECTOR AP provides functionality that will automatically highlight fields in red when an error or warning occurs. This allows users to quickly identify which fields on an invoice are causing the document to display an error status.


Tip: Message classifications are set in the Additional Checks (/COCKPIT/C5) configuration. A message must be set to at least Warning in /COCKPIT/C5 to have the fields highlighted per the /COCKPIT/C28 configuration.

To enable automatic highlighting, do the following:

  1. Go to transaction code /COCKPIT/C28.
  2. In change mode, select the Active checkbox.
  3. Set the message type to either E (error message) or W (warning message).

Note: The message type W will highlight fields with errors and warnings, while E only highlights fields with errors.

For additional information, see the PROCESS DIRECTOR Accounts Payable Configuration Guide

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Process Director Accounts Payable 7.4+ Configuration

Author:  Jon Driggers

Keywords: fields, views, layout, higlighting, errors, settings