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ReadSoft: How to enable invoice creation in WEB CYCLE

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WEB CYCLE can be configured to allow the creation of invoices that can be sent to PROCESS DIRECTOR Accounts Payable.

With this feature, users can:

  • Upload an image or other attachment
  • Define a workflow step with a field status
  • Configure standard checks in the INVOICE COCKPIT suite (ICS)
  • Save the invoice as a template
  • Separate ICS document types so each type can have a different approval process
  • Create a self-service report showing the approved documents
  • Enter or view the address data of one-time (CPD) vendors

To enable WEB CYCLE invoice creation, the following parameters should be changed in either the file (if the WCCONFIG external configuration is not being used) or the file (if WCCONFIG is being used):

  • To allow invoice creation: wb_create = yes
  • To allow invoice creation from a template: template.createfrom = yes
  • To allow an invoice to be saved as a template: = yes

?See the create.webboard_configuration.xml file in the web application to customize page layout during invoice creation. This file is similar to display_configuration.xml, which is used for existing invoices.

Keywords: properties, web application, create invoice, settings,?wb_create