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ReadSoft: How to view trace logs for WEB CYCLE and WEBBOARD

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WEB CYCLE and WEBBOARD trace logs can be accessed through a URL, which is useful in situations where access to the web server is not available.

To download trace logs for WEB CYCLE or WEBBOARD, do the following:

  1. Log in to the application.
  2. Once logged in, replace the current URL action with
    Tip-Icon.png For example:

By default, the current day's trace logs will be sent to the browser in the form of a Java archive (JAR) file, which can then be downloaded and opened with a ZIP utility.

To view the trace log as plain text directly within the browser, add ?action_name=display to the end of the URL.

To view trace logs for a different day, add ?date= to the end of the URL.


Note: Dates are location specific. For example, German systems may require the date to be entered as DD.MM.YY, while US English systems may require M/DD/YY.

To use both parameters, separate them with an &.

Tip-Icon.png For example: 

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