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ReadSoft - How to add the COPA button in the PROCESS DIRECTOR Web Application

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Configuring PROCESS DIRECTOR for use with the Controlling and Profitability Analysis (COPA) button does not make it available within the Web Application. For this, a series of changes must be made.

Do the following to ensure the COPA button is visible, and that each company code requiring the button is added:

  1. Enter transaction code /COCKPIT/WI11.
  2. If no setting for the COPA icon is listed, click Display, and then click Change.
  3. Click New Entries, and then select Account Assignments for both the structure and COPA_ICON of the internal field name.
  4. Click Save, and then return to Display mode.
  5. Go to transaction code /COCKPIT/C6.
  6. Add a new configuration for each company code that requires the COPA button.
    1. Click Display, and then click Change.
    2.  Add a new entry for each company code by clicking the New Entries icon.
    3. Once complete, ensure that the CO-PA segment during FI entry check box is selected for each new entry created.
  7. Click Save, and then return to Display mode.
  8. Go to the PROCESS DIRECTOR Web Application, and then add the following to the end of the URL: 
  9. Log in to the Web Application, and then log out.
  10. Remove the ?refreshctx from the end of the URL, and then log in to the Web Application again.
    The COPA button will now be available to enter in account assignment data.


Product Version Category
Process Director Web Application 7.1 Configuration

Author:  Jon Driggers

Keywords: COPA, CO-PA, Profitability Accounting Applications, Profitability Analysis, web application, view, layout, settings



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