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ReadSoft: How to access the WEB CYCLE trace log

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When replacing WEB CYCLE with PROCESS DIRECTOR, the open source libraries need to be deleted and replaced with the library files included with PROCESS DIRECTOR. If this is not done, PROCESS DIRECTOR will attempt to use the old library files. This can result in a "method not found" exception in PROCESS DIRECTOR.

To update the libraries, do the following in the PROCESS DIRECTOR install folder:

  1. Go to the [drive]:\<PD_install_path>\shared\lib folder, and then delete library file names that start with the word common. Make note of the library names prior to deletion as they will be needed in step two.

  2. Go to the [drive]:\<PD_install_path>\pdweb-app\WEB-INF\lib folder, and then copy the corresponding library files deleted in step one into the folder specified in step one.

  3. Restart Tomcat.

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Article # 3014723
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