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Invoice amount more than PO and SES are getting posted in the system in case of Limit PO

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Customer reported below issue: -

We are able to post the invoice in the system which is greater than the Limit PO and SES amount in PDAP. Please find the attached document for detailed explanation.


Below is the comment from customer clarifying the issue:

Problem clarification:

Limit Purchase Order definition: Purchase order to limit the net value of purchase, and where there is no quantity set. Limit purchase order will allow receipt to be made to value specified in the purchase order.

Required outcome: Once the net value limit is reached , no more procurement can be made.


The Kofax suggested WARNING message to test on: “Billed quantity exceeds the ordered quantity” checks on quantity, and is incorrect for Limit PO


The check should be done on: Invoice Total vs PO Net Price


Below is an example of a “normal PO” where the total amount on the Invoice exceeds the PO Net Price:

“Price to high (tolerance limit of … ZAR exceeded)



Still trying to figure out





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Article # 3047238
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