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Partially declined documents, Workflow status is showing as Bell icon as Due

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For FI invoice, customer had two step of workflows. if first step is approved and second step is declined.. the status is showing as Due instead of Partially declined or declined.


I was able to replicate the issue by changing the workflow to the same "Reject" settings as of the issue.


This is because the settings are "Back to Kofax Process Director processor" the documents stays in the workflow and the workflow is still overdue. This works as designed.

When you don't want to have rejected workflow steps still in the workflow then you have to select "1 - Cancel workflow" for the second step (and actually also for the first step).


Please find the attached documentation you can refer the information on page 51 because here a important information is mentioned:


Reject Determines what happens when a user rejects the workflow step. Work Cycle cancels the workflow completely, or returns the document to the first or previous workflow step recipient or processor. A recipient is the person that receives the workflow step. A processor is the person who actually approves or rejects the workflow step. In most cases, this will be the same person. However, if the recipient forwards the document to another person, or the recipient’s substitute processes the document, the processor is not the same person as the recipient. Thus it is possible to specify whether the document should be returned to the person who received the workflow step or to the person who actually processed it. Important If this step can be the first step of a workflow, you must select 1 Cancel the workflow




When the second approver rejects the workflow it is back to the PDAP processor while the workflow is still active. But the workflow status and icon is not "Partially approved" but "05 - Declined".


Please see the user guide for PDAP Kofax Process Director Accounts Payable User Guide on page 11:pdap_status

As you can see "Partially approved" is only when you are approving on line item level. The examples we saw in the WebEx didn't use line item approval. So for me the current behavior seems correct for me and I can see an error here or that it worked differently before. Maybe the status is changed in one of your user exits which is not working anymore but this is nothing I can check for you.


Regarding to the option "Cancel workflow": You should use this for the first step of the workflow as it is described in the documentation. But of course you don't have to use if for any other step after the first step.


The behavior should be the same in the case "1 Step - Cancel", "2 Step - Back to process director":

The document status stays "Workflow sent" but the workflow status is "Declined" in the second step. The PDAP processor can then decide who should get the second step or what else to do with this document. I looks like this for the PDAP processor:pdap_status_2


Please note that the"Workflow status" icon will always use the most urgent status. If the workflow is already "Overdue" it will show this icon instead of the "Declined" icon.


As for now I don't see any PDAP standard issue in this case. The only explanation would be that you used a PDAP version older than 7.6 before (I didn't test those) or that a customer-specific user exit did change the workflow status and that this logic doesn't work anymore.


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Article # 3047356
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