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About support for URLs longer than 72 characters in WEB CYCLE emails

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Question / Problem: 

Does PDAP support for URLs longer than 72 characters in WEB CYCLE emails?

Answer / Solution: 

WEB CYCLE does not support URLs longer than 72 characters in emails. Longer emails exceed the character-length limitation, causing a line break in the URL that renders it non-functional. 

However, several workarounds exist to resolve this issue:

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  1. Use an internal address forward. Within the corporate network, a short forwarding address can be defined to route the user to the final address of the web application. This short redirect address can be used in the email instead of the target URL.

  2. Within PROCESS DIRECTOR user exit 901 (text adaption), a solution can be created in which a longer URL with no line breaks is created when the email is sent out. This solution is available as a template in PROCESS DIRECTOR Accounts Payable version 7.1 SP1 and higher.

  3. Within the email text, use an alias such as &CORP_LINK & instead of the direct URL. Replacement of this alias can be done inside user exit 901 as a customized solution for PROCESS DIRECTOR Accounts Payable.


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Process Director Accounts Payable 7.7 Troubleshooting



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