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OTV / CPD - One Time Vendor - have to delete the bank key and bank account, before entering the QR IBAN

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The issue comes with the CPD entry in PD AP, when entering the address data and IBAN at the same time.

So, before entering the IBAN, it is necessary to delete the bank key and bank account values, and only after that the IBAN can be filled.



Erroneous behaviour of the address pop-up for One Time Vendor postings when QR IBAN is used.



To fix the problem, please update your system to PD AP 7.12, PD AP 7.11 SP1, PD AP 7.10 SP3 or PD AP 7.9 SP5.

Alternatively, you can implement pre-correction RSPDN1860022.

Please contact Kofax technical support if you need this pre-correction.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Process Director Accounts Payable 7.9 and higher      




Article # 3052171
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