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Other Selections fields in /COCKPIT/1 are ignored

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In the initial selection screen of Process Director Accounts Payable (/cockpit/1) the "Other Selection fields" Payment Block is not working.

Documents are displayed with other payment blocks.


In the main version Process Director Accounts Payable 7.10 there were adjustments that caused this error.



The solution will be available with Process Director Accounts Payable 7.10 SP1 (visit Kofax Delivery site to download the transports) or as pre-correction RSPDN1781455 (open a support case to request the pre-correction).

 As a workaround use the standard search via /cockpit/1.



Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Process Director Accounts Payable  7.10 SP 0 SAP  
Process Director Accounts Payable 7.9 All SAP  




Article # 3045286